Romania Search Engines & Directories

13 Romania search engines & directories.

  • Ca-Ro-eDirectory - Electronic directory with descriptions in both English and Romanian language. Includes contact information and a privacy policy.
  • Dolj County - Features links to historical maps, history, genealogy, and also country records.
  • Gateway to Romania - A comprehensive list of quick-access links to Romania. Learn about its history and culture, people and entertainment, sports, and cooking.
  • Google Romania - Google search, pictures, groups, and more in Romanian.
  • iRomania - The portal to the major Romania related sites.
  • Links to Romania - Features links and information about the country, people, and cultural history.
  • Romania - Annotated directory covering a broad range of subjects selected by Library of Congress specialists.
  • Romania Online - features categorized listings searchable in English and Romanian.
  • Romania Web Directory - general archive of resources and links. Includes history, travel, politics, and entertainment.
  • Romanian White Pages - Single Authorized Phone Directories Publisher in Romania.
  • Romanian Yellow Pages - List Romanian businesses and services from Romania and abroad.
  • Romanian-American Yellow Pages - First Romanian-American Yellow Pages Published in America and Romania.
  • Yellow Pages - 1,500 Romanian firms registered.