Email Search Engines & Directories

10 email search engines & directories.

  • AOL E-Mail Finder - Locate email addresses of people throughout the United States.
  • Bigfoot Directories - Interactive search of e-mail directory listings.
  • - Change of email address search engine and registry.
  • EmailFinder and URLFinder - Links old e-mail and web addresses with current information.
  • Find Email Addresses - Directory of places that allow you look up E-mail addresses
  • Find mE-Mail - Search engine connecting old e-mail addresses to new ones. Invites registration of new e-mail addresses.
  • - A free change of email address directory where you can search by name or old email address. Email appending, ECOA and list hygiene services available for businesses.
  • InfoSpace Email Search - Worldwide email directory.
  • - Database of new email addresses that match with old ones. Includes anti-spam protection.
  • MESA: Meta Email Search Agent - For a given name it searches in parallel at (nearly) all available sources of email addresses on the Internet.